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Having a look at this year’s results, Black Friday can officially be crowned as the most popular (and profitable!) shopping day on the planet. According to Adobe’s report, Ecommerce online sales hit a new record on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, with $6.2 and $7.9 billion spent in the US alone, an increase of more than 20% in comparison to the same period one year ago.

If we look at the most popular channels that contributed to the online sales, direct traffic drove 27.2% of online sales, followed by paid search at 24%, organic search at 21% and email at 20.3%. Conversely, social media appeared to have had a negligible effect on online sales, with only a 1.3% share, while marketing automation can be held accountable for 7% of orders generated. Lastly, although in-store visits dropped overall, online shopping on mobile devices grew by 19% over 2017 and accounted for almost 36% of revenue.

These results lead to some significant conclusions:

1. The future of shopping is online.
2. Consumers are increasingly making their purchase decisions through their mobile devices.
3. Marketing automation is growing and will represent a key factor to determine competitive advantage in the future of online sales.

While the first two may have already been acknowledged and acted upon over the last years, the third key point represents a fairly new trend. Marketing automation? That’s right. And guess what, that’s what we do here at RocketROI. We use the most innovative technologies to automate ad campaigns and optimize investments in digital advertising. Especially during key holiday seasons, our clients’ results are the proof of how being up-to-date with the latest technologies can truly make the difference when it comes to reaching audiences and scoring the highest sales numbers.


Black Week Results – Powered by RocketROI

Want to see what we mean? Here are four Ecommerce businesses we have been working with, which have achieved great results during Black Week and are ready to further boost their sales for the rest of the holiday season.

“Thanks to RocketROI, we were able to put a spotlight on the products that were generating the highest average sales during these crucial days. Additionally, we didn’t have to worry about our ROI because their optimization technology took care of it.”  – The Founder


“As our advertising budget was automated and managed by RocketROI, we were able to adjust our ad spend to get the best results before, during and after Black Friday. The structure we created was fully oriented towards results and performance.”  – The CMO


“It’s incredible how RocketROI managed to optimize our campaigns with their technology. Especially during such a key sales period, staying on top of everything can’t be taken for granted. They helped us find the perfect balance between effectiveness and immediacy.” – The CEO


“With the help of RocketROI and their optimization tools, we were able to adjust our bids in real-time, while maintaining our profitability and boosting our traffic step by step.” – The Marketing Manager


Are you ready to revolutionize your growth strategy? Get in touch with us and let’s make it happen!


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