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Today we want to talk about a concept that is above all based on common sense, something that is sometimes not as common as you might think: the concept of the correct use of Long Tail and Generic campaigns.

In RocketROI we characterise the campaigns into different types depending on various factors. The main types would be:

  • Conversion funnel point
  • Level of the web navigation menu
  • Search volume
  • Search term length

For each case this allows us to determine which campaigns are more “generic” and which are rather more “long tail”. Along the way from one campaign to another there are also varying intermediate points, which are worked in the same way as the category or subcategory of the product or brand.

Characteristics of each type

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of each campaign type:


  • Little capillary of keywords and terms.
  • They concentrate a large volume of traffic on those few keywords.
  • In many cases they direct traffic to landing pages away from the checkout or from the fixed conversion objective.
  • They assemble many statistics, thus facilitating analysis.
  • “First click” conversion rates are lower in most cases.
  • More competition, therefore higher CPC.
  • They are accessible for manual and human management.


Long Tail

  • Great capillary of keywords and terms, in some extreme cases thousands or millions.
  • Conversion statistics are spread out, complicating the analysis.
  • Traffic is directed to pages in the step prior to conversion.
  • Higher conversion percentages.
  • Good Quality Score due to the strict relationship between product/service, keyword and advertisement.
  • They complicate or make manual management impossible, they involve the use of Excel or technology.
  • Less competition, therefore lower CPC.
  • Risk of “low search volume” with many keywords. A risk that on the other hand is acceptable.

Brand, category or subcategory campaigns have a behaviour half way between generic and long tail, so it will depend on the volume and competence of each for them to behave in one way or another.

Define goals for each type

We always recommend defining goals for each campaign type. In order to do so, it is key to be able to group the products, services, subcategories, categories, brands, etc. In this way we will know how to gather its main metrics in a single goal of CPA, ROI or other possibilities that allows us to optimise.

For long tail campaigns it will be ideal to use a specific goal, understanding that each campaign or adgroup refers to a specific product or service. In the generic ones we will work with a general goal that faithfully represents the value we assign to that goal.

In order to correctly optimise and adjust the CPC bids it is key for these goals to be realistic and, as far as possible, dynamic.

Technology to get to Long Tail

Unlike generic campaigns, Long Tails generally need technology for them to be generated and managed in sufficient detail. In RocketROI we have accounts with more than 1 million keywords or e-commerce with more than 100,000 references.

With technologies such as RocketROI, it is possible to generate all this structure at every level. We generate ads, keywords, campaigns, adgroups, configurations, adjustments or extensions in just a few minutes for each of the customer products, services or categories using a simple feed or CSV file. We also synchronise the goals with the customer to correctly optimise the keyword to keyword bids or adgroup to adgroup bids.


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