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Google Shopping is the perfect channel for your e-commerce due to good conversion rates and the volume of traffic it covers. It allows you to optimise your campaigns by comparing the pricing of your products and those of the competition, and making specific bids for each product or category.

By adding this channel you offer the customer a complete description of the product, image and sale price of the same. In this way, you provide more detailed and relevant information to the user, as well as facilitating the customer’s decision at the time of purchase.

Each destination country contains specifications regarding the currency and language that have to be reflected in your feed to carry out your campaigns.

How to get the most out of your campaigns

To get the most out of your campaigns with Google Shopping, it is important to follow the following steps:

The first step to take into account is the creation of your product feed. This will contain all the products that you would like to appear in the search network from this channel. The creation of a shopping feed requires compliance with certain specifications, which are detailed by Google and without them your product table (feed) will lack validity. These specifications are marked by the destination country (language and currency) and the obligatory fields that range from ID and image of the product, to the GTIN code and shipping costs.

Creating a high quality feed will offer you a wide range of possibilities to structure campaigns in the way that best suits you using the most relevant parameters for you. As such, it is recommended to complete your feed with fields providing information such as what the brand’s top products are, the products with the best CTR, the seasons to which each corresponds, discounts, etc.

A good structuring of your campaigns is the key to carrying out an optimisation that allows you to get the best out of them. This structure is based on the subdivision of your products into groups. These will range from larger groups containing many products to more specific groups in which the amount will be much smaller. In this way, specific metrics can be obtained, always having a classification and being able to bid directly for each of them.

Setting priorities according to product type is a good practice for the classification of your campaigns; in this way you can make the product group that you consider most relevant appear first to your customers.


This practice gives you a scaled structure of high, medium and low priority that, combined with the structures of your product groups, gives you truly prepared campaigns for achieving optimal results.

RocketROI technology applied to Shopping

If to all these good practices in the structuring and optimisation of your campaigns you add the technology we offer in RocketROI, the level of optimisation increases incredibly as you can then assign a specific goal to each product. In this way, our robot will take care of optimising your campaigns on a daily basis, product by product, in the direction of the established goal. Thanks to our grouping tools you can also manage the previously mentioned classifications.

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