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We’ve made some changes to RocketROI to make our platform an even more intuitive, valuable, and powerful tool. From a new section to manage your Negative Keyword strategy, to a tool specifically developed to help you stay on top of your Shopping Configurations, and real time graphs giving you an overview of your campaigns, maximising your digital advertising budget has never been this easy.

What’s new?

1.- RocketROI Shopping Splitter tool: manage and create your Google Shopping campaigns from one place

Our technology has always been designed to help our customers make their Google Adwords and Bing Ads budget go much further. Now you can assess performance, compare results, and react accordingly.

If you’re running out of stock in a certain item you’re advertising, for example, slow down that campaign and boost a different one. Or, if you want to target a specific audience in a certain location before an event, go ahead!


2.- Negative Keywords management: Stop wasting your budget on ineffective keywords

The more precisely you can segment your audience, the better your campaigns will perform. Optimize and boost the performance of your campaigns with our new section specifically dedicated to staying on top of your Negative Keywords strategy, separated into levels: Campaign or Adgroup.

3.- We’ve made the visualization & real-time tracking of all your data even easier

Get a general overview of the performance of your campaigns and track the status of your campaigns anytime, from adgroups to keywords and ads.

Try RocketROI technology for yourself, for free.

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