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RocketROI has successfully achieved the seal of excellence from the Phase I SME Instrument. The theme chosen is “Disruptive Innovation”, the most competitive of the ten that exist in the SME. The project blends in with what the European Union is currently pursuing.

The SME Instrument is a programme promoted by the European Commission with the goal of supporting SME’s through evaluations, analyses and audits, with non-repayable grants. The SME Instrument has a budget of €3 billion for the seven years from 2014 to 2020, divided into four submission sessions per year.

Only 15% of the companies that appear exceed the evaluation threshold

The response to the first round of selection was remarkable, with more than 2000 proposals from the countries participating in Horizon 2020. The evolution carried out by independent experts showed that almost 300 of the proposals met the evaluation standard (15%). Of these, 160, or 8% have been selected for funding.

What does it mean to get an approval in a Phase I SME Instrument?

Achieving the SME Instrument seal of excellence means being among the 300 best startups of the 2000 that are presented throughout the EU in each submission session, of which there are four per year. It represents being chosen by a group of experts as one of the SME’s with the greatest future in their sector on a European level. RocketROI has not only obtained the EU seal but has done so with an excellent rating (13.4 out of 15).

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