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11-12th of April,  The eShow Barcelona

Over two days of talks, events, and networking there will be 250 speakers, 160 expositions, and over 1,300 visitors – from CEOs such as keynote speaker, Just Eat’s Jesper Buch, to a wide range of digital professionals, entrepreneurs, experts and innovators who will shape the immediate future of digital advertising and online business. It is the only place to be to discover cutting edge innovative strategies, to share and discuss industry news, and to be sure not to miss out on the latest disruptive technological solutions.

Join us on April 12th at 4:30pm in Auditorium 2. Our CEO and founder, Ignacio Rodes, will take to the stage, sharing what he has learned about the ever-growing role that optimisation and automation technology has to play in the future of digital advertising.

Leader in Google´s partner nominations: 

Since launching four years ago, RocketROI is already the market leader in Google’s partner nominations ranking for the south of Europe in Mobile Innovation, Shopping Innovation and Growing Online Businesses, out of over 2,000 candidates in total. We also partnered with Bing Ads (another reason to go to the eShow), and over 150 happy clients have seen the benefits of RocketROI technology for themselves (in E-commerce, Travel, Agencies, and Lead Generation), including Apartum, Carnovo, Danone, Racc, and Allianz.

That’s not all! In 2018, RocketROI has decided to offer clients direct access to our technology, allowing advertisers and agencies to supercharge their national and international paid campaigns based on a SaaS model. There are already 3,000 connected accounts and a network of RocketROI Partners with over 20 digital agencies in Spain.

All this despite the fact that 95% of all digital investment in paid channels like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Amazon Ads and others is still handled manually, by an individual laboriously bidding for keywords, writing ad copy, and deciding how much to pay per click, case by case. This will not be the case for long.

About RocketROI:

RocketROI is the definitive technological solution for boosting the ROI of your digital advertising budget, allowing you to manage significantly larger volumes of data, faster and more precisely by hypersegmenting campaigns to scientifically identify the most effective strategy available and implementing it in real time, maximising performance.

Got your attention? Get your ticket to the eShow, learn more about our technology, take our online certification in ROI Search optimisation, or – best of all – try out our technology for yourself, free.

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