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Superstudio is a young e-commerce that offers home design furniture. With RocketROI, they increased their ROI by 177% and expanded from a B2B-only to a leading B2C player across several markets.

The story – E-commerce shop all the way to the top

Founded in 2005, for many years Superstudio was a B2B company centered on sales to professionals in the decoration and design sector through a small commercial network and two product showrooms. In 2015, they saw the opportunity of expanding their business and selling directly to the final customer. That is how their partnership with RocketROI started. What came next is the story of how a local business can aspire to become market leader in Europe.

The goal – Increase sales and brand awareness while outperforming competitors

After having worked side by side with their marketing team to ensure continuous growth, in the past year we have been confronted with the additional challenge of increasingly aggressive competition. This has made it harder for Superstudio to keep positioning as a market leader, hence increasing sales and brand awareness while outperforming competitors were set as main objectives for last year’s strategy.

Results – YOY Oct 2017 – Jan 2018

November 2017 and January 2018 BEST MONTHS IN 10 YEARS

With the 360 strategy implemented by RocketROI, Superstudio experienced the best months in their history in terms of revenue.

Search & Shopping campaigns

Video campaigns 

The Solution – Method & Tech: the only answer is innovation

With Superstudio, not only we designed a completely new campaign architecture by applying technology where there had only been traditional management, but we also created a new business model, based on data and integration.

From the beginning of our partnership, we used PPC Automation to display their products catalogue across two main channels – Google Search and Google Shopping. We knew that the only way to keep growing was focusing on the Shopping channel, generating more sales and taking advantage of the key seasons in the E-commerce calendar (Black Friday Week, Christmas, January Sales). In addition to that, we decided to complement the Search & Shopping strategy with Video and Display campaigns. Alongside Google Ads, we started using more channels and the full range of Google’s toolkit – from Analytics, to Merchant Centre, until Attribution, which we’ve had access to in beta since it was launched.

The strategy – Data-driven segmentation, reaching the long-tail, dynamic feeds

Our strategy can be summed up in 3 key points:

  • DATA-DRIVEN SEGMENTATION: definition of the ideal CPA for each product and of the profitability of each audience by using Spaceboost’s algorithms, products information and the company’s sales margins
  • REACHING THE LONG TAIL: creation of campaigns with thousands of optimised ads to reach less competitive audiences, with higher conversion rates and lower prices, instead of targeting only generic audiences
  • DYNAMIC FEEDS: real-time optimization of bids for each product, depending on stock levels and seasonal events



The first step was defining our audiences, separating them according to their buyer history, creative profile, and the stage of their relationship with Superstudio. Beyond driving significant traffic, our goals were:

    1. Prospecting: Reaching and introducing the brand to new audiences with the highest likelihood to convert to drive direct traffic and conversions
    2. Remarketing: Returning to impact users who already knew the brand, using our knowledge of their behaviour to drive conversions

With this data, we defined more than 500 custom audiences and we built a campaign architecture with a custom strategy for every audience, each with its own personalized ads and individual objective.


We created a full funnel strategy to engage each  user from the very beginning of their journey to the end. In other words, to reach 100% of SS’s target audiences, from very generic to those on the edge of converting.



With Spaceboost’s automation technology, we were able to  combine top results in both Shopping and Search, making one high-performing campaign complement another.

Creating massive dynamic ad architectures

Thanks to Spaceboost’s Splitter & Refresher tool, we were able to create a massive and dynamic structure for campaigns, which allowed us to adjust the product bid to the cost of each product by its item ID. We distributed campaigns by types of product (based on bestsellers, medium, and low), adjusting keyword bids for mobile/non-mobile users, with special emphasis on different types of audiences and their individual likelihood to convert.

100% control

Our optimization and shopping structure tools allowed us to generate dynamic architectures that were aligned daily to the client’s profit goals for each product. If a product turned into a top seller, the optimization strategy automatically changed, adapting each bid to the behaviour of each individual product.  By using the Spaceboost optimizer tool, we managed to track their spend and allocate their investment much more efficiently and in real-time.


The advanced massive matrix

We used Spaceboost’s Advanced Massive Matrix structure to create an architecture of campaigns and adgroups with an extremely high level of segmentation, as well as to target each different customer profile with a separate campaign and with a customized type of ad.

#1 Introduce and Engage with Trueview

For people who hadn’t heard of Superstudio yet, we used Google’s Trueview campaigns to introduce new collections with high quality videos, starting new clients off on their own personal customer journey. We included Shopping carts for the products shown in the collection, in order to send customers directly to the website.

#2 Brand and Re-engage with Bumper Ads

We used Bumper campaigns to boost the brand and re-impact audiences that were lower down in the funnel, thus much closer to converting. The main goals were redirecting traffic to Superstudio’s website, increasing conversions, and turning window shoppers into loyal customers.


#1 Display ads for prospecting

Display ads were directed to new audiences that, according to Google’s tools, were much more likely to convert than generic audiences.

#2 Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads were directed at existing Superstudio clients, who needed that last nudge from window shopper to happy buyer. We also used Dynamic Remarketing, in order to re-impact users with products they viewed previously.


Thanks to Spaceboost management platform, we were able to see that Superstudio had good traffic on mobile, but a much higher conversion rate on Desktop and Tablet. Therefore, we adapted the bid strategy on mobile to significantly increase conversions and maintain the overall ROI. The result? Tablet Conversions +71%, Desktop Conversions +66%, Mobile Conversions +192%.

Recognitions & Awards: “6 nominations in a 3-year-partnership”

Our partnership with Superstudio won us several nominations at the Google Premier Partner Awards EMEA. We were in the top #10 for the “Shopping Innovation” category for three years in a row – in 2016, 2017 and 2018, nominated also for “Video” and for “Display” Innovation in 2018.


With RocketROI we‘ve boosted our sales +8,000%, making us one of the leading design furniture ecommerce companies in Europe.”

Aaron Cuenca, CDO


Do you want to be our next success story? Reach out to us at hi@rocketroi.com!

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