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A year ago, iBrugor was considering how to increase and improve its investment and SEM management. To achieve this, they decided to wager on innovation and automation. In doing so, iBrugor not only intended to increase their clients’ profitability at that time, but also to achieve new objectives and goals as a company.

To date, this agency has become a benchmark in digital marketing, and one of RocketROI’s trusted partners. Both the generation of massive structures and automatic optimisation have given iBrugor the necessary impetus to be able to cover a much larger volume of investment and customers.

Currently, this advertising agency has all of its Adwords accounts connected to our platform. However, the story does not end here, but the updates that we are constantly working on will allow iBrugor to fly even higher, acquiring more market share for their customers with new media such as Bing and Social Media, and with new channels like Display, YouTube and Mobile.

Thanks to the technology and the specific attention we offer to the agencies, we can guarantee our customers a substantial but balanced growth, accompanying and advising them throughout their path in RocketROI.

“For us, RocketROI has been that added value we needed to stand out. (…) It is a trusted partner that helps us to grow in an intelligent, responsible and scalable way.”

Laura Gordillo, CEO of iBrugor


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