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We are ready to guide campaigns to success with Google Adwords and Bing Ads and maximise return on your investment. Our optimisation technology allows us to create massive structures with only one feed that contains the relevant information to generate your Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns.

From the beginning, the RocketROI platform has worked on the optimisation, generation and management of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords. Now, with the new version, all the effort devoted to your campaigns is rendering a double reward; replicating structures in both channels is as easy as selecting them when launching the execution of any process.

The entire platform is designed for the navigation between MCC or Adwords Accounts and Shell or Bing accounts in a completely user-friendly way. From agencies to end customers they have all valued this new step in the development of RocketROI technology very positively.

Bing, an old acquaintance yearming to grow

With the arrival of the new version of Windows, Microsoft has boosted its search engine, taking advantage of the ease of access and prominence now granted in its interface. These developments have caused its market share to increase, especially among PC users with Windows 10 and in markets where Bing itself already had a considerable share.

It is not just Google that has supporters, Bing also has a large user group that is not to be sneezed at, which in many cases would grow your volume of printouts, clicks or conversions by over 10 or 20%. In Spain’s case, the ratio is still low but great efforts are being made by Microsoft to promote usage and win over Google’s territory (market share).

Bing has gained shares all over the world thanks to the arrival of Windows 10 and its personal assistant Cortana. In some markets the share reaches more than 20%

Agile, fast multi-channel integration with RocketROI

With this new functionality you can work in a multi-channel way, creating campaigns simultaneously for both Google Adwords and Bing Ads. You only need to load your product feed once, with all its configuration and synchronisation. Once validated and loaded you can generate as many configurations as you need for one channel or the other, but always with the same data source.

Duplicate configurations or copy them to work with greater flexibility. Never before has integrating your BI with your digital marketing campaigns been so quick and easy. Moreover, using multi-channel is now a reality and it is only the beginning. We promise new integrations in future versions of RocketROI.

Multi-channel is a reality with RocketROI. Try it and get to know a new way of working your Search campaigns in tandem with Google and Bing.

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